2 min readApr 1, 2022

SafuPhoenix ($SPX) is the next generation DeFi 3.0 release on the BSC network that is conceived to earn passive returns in the easiest and most sustainable way.

Staking, Claiming and Compounding… This is too complicated, expensive and time-consuming process. The good news is that this process is inexistent when you buy $SPX. Once you hold $SPX in your wallet you don’t have to deal with anything, you automatically receiving rebase benefits. The most user-friendly auto-staking system in DeFi 3.0.

$SPX token is powered by rebases, that reward holders with a Fixed APY 0.02481% every 15 minutes. This means an annual compound interest of 398,233.72%.

$SPX Tokenomics:

Initial Supply — 1,000,000
Public Sale — 60%
Seed Liquidity — 30.6%
Developer Allocation — 3%
SPX Holder — 2%
Pinksale Fees — 2%
Airdrops/Maketing — 2.4%

⭐️NO TEAM TOKENS — The SPX team will NOT hold any tokens. Only 2% allocated for development effort. The only tokens owned by the Treasury will be collected via accumulating trading fees. We are committed to the longevity of the project and thus the $SPX team cannot dump on you.

⭐️NO EXTRA MINT OR HIDDEN TOKENS — The $SPX smart contract has NO ability to mint extra tokens nor can the supply be manually increased or used in an artificial way to change the initial supply by awarding ourselves free tokens.

⭐️NO RUG PULL — Liquidity will be Locked for 10 years via trusted PinkLock which cannot be touched or released early.

⭐️NO BOTS — All front run and sniper bots will be instantly blocked by the SPX smart contract by the blacklist feature.

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$SPX Autostaking Protocol that delivers the industry’s highest fixed APY of 398,233.72%, rebasing rewards every 15 minutes and a simple buy-hold-earn system